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West Oahu Engagement Session | Secret Beach, KoOlina

Michelle and Stephen are engaged!

Being engaged is such a special time. And when you can be engaged while living on Oahu?! THAT IS PURE MAGIC. I tell everyone that Oahu is “magical” and I always feel cheesy saying it, but – its true!

Michelle and Stephen are getting married in 2020 at a private estate in Kanehoe, Oahu. I am so excited for their wedding day! Backyard weddings are a favorite of mine, going back to the beginning of my photography career when I shot many outdoor weddings in the Temecula Wine Country in California. For Michelle and Stephen’s engagement photos we chose my top Oahu engagement photo location, Secret Beach in KoOlina!

Your engagement session should feel special! So dress up, enjoy one another, and make a date night out of the occasion.

I love Secret Beach in KoOlina for many reasons. One of them is because its near some famous resorts, such as The Four Seasons Oahu and Aulani Disney Resort. This makes it easy for my clients t grab a drink before their engagement session and then have date night at a restaurant afterwards. Being engaged is a season for celebrating! So I tell my couples to celebrate as much as they can.

I also love Secret Beach because of the gorgeous sunsets that happen there – almost daily! Its one of the rare beaches on Oahu that actually gets a sunset. Many of my clients forget that East-side beaches get the epic sunRISE, not sunSET. I try to communicate as much as possible with my clients about what they can expect from all of the location options I send their way!

Waikiki Family Photos
Waikiki Family Photos
Waikiki Family Photos
Waikiki Family Photos
Waikiki Family Photos

RACHEL JAY IS AN EXPERIENCED WEDDING AND ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER SERVING ALL COUPLES AND FAMILIES IN KOOLINA AND BEYOND. Want to see more of our work? Check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration, or other blogs from our favorite Oahu couples sessions.

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