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Using PASS to Download Your Photos | Hawaii Wedding and Portrait Photographer

So it’s finally time to download your photos!

We absolutely love PASS Plus! Their galleries are so beautiful and we love delivering weddings to our clients through them. They are so clean and pretty. We think they are easy to use, but of course, we have been using them for years so we know our way around. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your first go with PASS take a look at the super easy guide!

Below you will see screenshots from a desktop. To see how it works on your phone, head to our Instagram account and watch the story highlight! ! If you have any questions ever about using PASS, please email us! We are happy to help.

Viewing Your Images

1) Open your gallery by clicking the link we sent you.

2) Sign into the Guest Book. This allows you to save favorites and print images.

3) Start scrolling down to see all your images.

4) If you want to get to a folder quickly, after scrolling down, hit “more” in the menu at the top of the screen.

Selecting Your Favorite Images

There are a couple of ways to do this.

1) While in a folder, and not licked on one specific images, hover over the image you want to favorite. Some icons will pop up at the bottom of the image. Click the heart.

2) Or click on the image you want to favorite. Then click the heart at the bottom of the image.

Downloading Your All Your Images at Once

1) Click the download icon (arrow pointing down) at the top right corner of the page.

2) Select if you want High-Res or Web Size.

3) Decide if you want them to save to your computer or dropbox.

4) Click the zip file to download it.

Downloading One or Multiple Images

1) Hover over the image you want to download and click the download icon.

2) If you want to download multiple images, continue clicking the download icon for any other images you want.

3) After you have selected all of the images you want to download, click the download button in the top right corner of the page. It should have a number by it, indicating how many images you want to download.

4) Add or remove any images you don’t want to download (you can add a full scene (folder) or all the images from the gallery).

5) Decide if you want to download the High-Res files or the Web Size files.

6) Decide if you want to save the images to your computer or to Dropbox.

7) Click the zip file to download.

Printing Your Images Through PASS

1) Hover over the image you want to print and hit print in the bottom right corner of the image.

2) Decide which size you want and how many

3) Click “add to cart”

4) Once you have picked all the pictures you want to print, click the shopping cart in the top right hand corner of the screen. There will be a number next to it indicating how many prints you are ordering.

5) Edit your address if it is not already there.

6) Click “place your order.”

7) Enter payment information.

That is pretty much all the instructions you will need to use PASS. To share the images with friends and family, we suggest sending the link that we sent you. We also suggest not hitting the “share photo” button on social media because it will share the one picture but also post your gallery link. And you may not want everyone on your social media accounts to have access to all your photos.

Enjoy your images!

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