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How to Get Beautiful Detail Photos on Your Oahu Wedding Day | Oahu Wedding Photographer

The importance of details on your Oahu wedding day!

Have you ever seen the beautiful posts on blogs like Hawaii Wedding Style? Or in magazines like The Knot?! Oahu weddings where the bride brings us her wedding invitation, unique details like a family bible, and flowers everywhere! How in the world do they have weddings that are so luxurious?!

It’s simple. These couples planned ahead! Read below for some of our favorite tips!

Oahu Wedding Photographer

So, what details are best?

We always recommend bring an extra invitation suite so we can style and photograph it. One of the perks of hiring a photographer who is a true professional, is that we come prepared with tools and a styling kit!

We also love taking photos of things you’ll be wearing! Shoes, veil, jewelry, rings, cufflinks, watch, whatever! But remember, anything special to you, is going to make the most meaningful, and gorgeous photos. As you can see below, we’ve had a bride bring their grandmother’s brooches and gloves to honor her!

A few of our favorites:
Ring Box
Custom Champagne Glasses
Silk Ribbon
Shop Moss Jewelry
Vow Books

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Did you know that your memories are directly linked to specific scents?! How cool! That means a certain smell can actually remind you of a time locked away in your mind!! We love telling our couples this, and encourage them to get a new perfume or cologne that they love for their big day! This way, when you smell that little bottle, you are taken back to the biggest moment of your life!

Oahu Wedding Photographer

With any detail photos, we love bringing in florals to make your wedding gallery flow seamlessly and the result is beautiful! Get with your florist and remind them to bring a few extra stems for us to style all your details with!

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Maybe you have written your vows in a new notebook, or you brought a family heirloom ring box to store your rings in. Or maybe your grandparents still have the Bible they used on their wedding day! All of these things are precious memories that deserved to be captured for a lifetime!

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Wedding details don’t need to be stressful! Get with your coordinator and make a list of items you want to make sure and get photos of. Then, put all those items in a bag so you can hand it off to your photographer on your big day! We will take care of the rest!!


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