Are you wondering what you will do for your sign in book on your wedding day? We’ve got a great solution for you! No, it’s not one of those old, fabric covered albums that guests just sign and you want to toss later. It’s also not something that takes up a ton of space and […]

What do you need to bring on the wedding day?   Let’s get real. I mean, couldn’t you use a little of everything on such a special day?! But that could get overwhelming, so we’ve made a list of things you might not have thought of to pack!   Crochet hook– Does your dress have […]

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is tough! You have a million options, and only one wedding day. So how in the world do you make this difficult decision?! Ask all the questions! Make sure when you make your choice on a wedding photographer, you are informed. What makes a professional photographer? What makes your […]