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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer | Oahu Destination Photographer

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is tough!

You have a million options, and only one wedding day. So how in the world do you make this difficult decision?!

Ask all the questions! Make sure when you make your choice on a wedding photographer, you are informed. What makes a professional photographer? What makes your photography different? What can we expect from the experience? Well, we are here to answer these for you, and give you a list of questions to ask anyone you may be considering!

Can I see a full gallery?
Of course! We love sharing full galleries of weddings that are similar to your vision. Maybe you are getting married on the beach in Hawaii, we can share some of our favorites from different beachside weddings! Always make sure you ask your photographer for multiple galleries, not just one, and you make sure to look for reception photos to make sure they are comfortable with flash and lighting!

I don’t get married for another 18 months, who will answer my emails if you are on vacation or maternity leave?
This is just one of the perks of our team! If one of us goes on vacation, we still have five more photographers that are working and able to help with anything you may need! This is amazing for our clients because it means our personal lives never interfere with our business!

What is so great about your team?
Well, other than the answer we gave above…¬†As a team, we are able to focus on strengths and our clients MORE because we have the support of a team. Instead of taking on all the tasks that come with a business, we delegate so that we have more time and energy for couples, and our art! Being a team also means we have faster response times, and have over 40 years of combined experience!

Do you have insurance?
We want to scream a big “Duh!” but the truth is some photographers don’t have liability insurance! Make sure your vendors are legally covered!

Are you comfortable doing night photos?
Absolutely! This is something unique because a lot of photographers aren’t comfortable with shooting at night, but we love making time for these shots in your timeline! Make sure to ask to see examples so they can show you what they do!

Who will my second shooter be?
Most of the time, we bring one of our own teammates along as a second shooter! But, if the rest of our team is booked, we select an experienced second shooter from a network of photographers that we work with frequently. And let’s make something clear, second shooters will NEVER be an assistant for your big day. A second shooter for FP is always someone that is an expert and a professional photographer that we trust to handle all the special moments on a wedding day! Make sure to ask your potential photographer how long they will have their second shooter there as well. Having a second shooter the WHOLE time is important!

What makes you different from other wedding photographers?
Our goal for your wedding is to capture the moments you may forget, and those you missed, to remember for the rest of your life. The tears your mom cried during the ceremony, the first laughs as newlyweds, and everyone’s reactions during the embarrassing toasts. We strive to stop time in those little moments, not to manufacture them. Our style is genuine, organic, candid, modern, and true to life. That goes for our posing, and our editing. Instead of something trendy that will one day go out of style, we edit our photos with natural colors and enhance the photo, not alter it. One day when your children and grandkids look back on your wedding album, they will see your day as it was, not just what filter was trending!

Do you help with my timeline?
Yes! We actually prefer to work with you on it so we can help guide you to get the best lighting for all your photos! If you have a coordinator, we love building this out together to make your day a total dream!

When will I get my photos?
You will receive previews within 2 business days and your full gallery within 4-6 weeks.

How many images will I receive?
We promise 100 photos per hour. So for an 8 hour wedding with two photographers, you will get at least 800 photos!

What would my experience be like with FP?
Our goal for our clients is to build a relationship, and make things EASIER for you! Wedding planning comes with a ton of to-do’s, and we don’t want to burden you with more. From the beginning, we like to automate your booking process by making it all digital (signing the contract, payments, etc.), and will always be on top of anything additional we may need to gather from you. When it comes to your wedding, we send out questionnaires to collect information like which family photos you would like, so that you aren’t thinking about that on your special day!

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