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Things to do on Oahu | Waikiki Lantern Floating Ceremony

A Beautiful Memorial Lantern Floating in Waikiki

For Memorial Day this year we participated in an amazing event: a Lantern Floating Ceremony. I encourage anyone coming to Oahu over Memorial Day Weekend to try to go. The lanterns are free, but you need to go to the tent in Ala Moana early to claim one. Every family writes notes to their departed loved ones on the lantern.

Culturally it’s believed that on this day, the spirits of our lost love ones can come back and be with the living. The purpose of the Lantern Floating is to send their spirits back to heaven…

…The lanterns guide the way.

It was a really beautiful night and the lights were absolutely breathtaking. Of course I couldn’t help getting into the water (with my clothes on) to shoot the lanterns up close and personal.

What was very moving about the Lantern Floating was how much diversity there was in the people participating. Everyone was so different, but we were all connected by the love we have for people who have died. It was an emotional experience that I will not soon forget.

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