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Prepping Your Partner for Your Wedding Day | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Worried about your partner having a wrinkle free shirt on your wedding day?! We’ve got tips for you!

Couples often express how worried they are about their partner showing up on time, and taking care of the small things like ironing their shirt. But they are just that, small things. There are definitely steps you can take to prevent most of these fears, but in the end, if they don’t use a lint roller right before they walk down the aisle, your photos will still be beautiful and no one, even you, will notice. You will be standing with the man/woman of your dreams, about to become their life partner, you have to remember what is important in those moments.

[ONE] It’s their wedding day too! Make sure they don’t feel too much pressure and that they are enjoying their special day. Provide their suite with drinks (but not too many!), games that they enjoy (cards, pool, etc.), and remind them to be themselves! After all, you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with them!

[TWO] Pay a little extra! If you are worried about their shirt being perfectly pressed, take it to the cleaners and pay the small fee to ensure they will be looking sharp. Small price for something that will make a big difference!

[THREE] Delegate! Does your future Mr./Mrs. know how to tie a tie? What about their pocket square? If the answer is ‘yes-ish’, make sure you have your dad, his dad, or someone reliable there to help out and take the lead on that task. Done.


[FOUR] Hire a wedding planner! No joke, this is the solution for 99% of all wedding stress. Hire someone that you trust and can be honest with to handle all the small things. You can give them a list to worry about, and then it is off your plate. Boom, boom and boom.

[FIVE] Reset your expectations! If you are expecting everything to go a certain way, you will be distracted from all the things that are going right. This is real life! Not a pinterest board. If you are marrying a GQ dude, obviously he will make sure his hair is picture perfect. But if your future partner doesn’t own a comb, don’t expect them to all the sudden whip out the hair products! Be realistic about what you are expecting, and remember that you are marrying them for their heart, not how they style their hair.

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