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Should We Do a First Look?! | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

A first look isn’t for everyone, or every wedding.

But we have a few things to consider before making the decision!

If you read the questions below and find yourself answer, or yelling, “yes!”, then a first look may be for you! But before you make a finalize anything, read the information and make an educated decision!

Do you find yourself anxious in front of crowds?

If the answer is yes, then you may want to consider a first look! Being anxious and nervous about walking down the aisle or standing there waiting for your partner is a ton of pressure. Not to mention trying to stay focused and react in the moment. If you are the type of person to be distracted and not totally present, a first look can take that all away! You could have an intimate moment together before the guests arrive, let all the emotions out, and still walk away with incredible photos! Plus, it doesn’t get much more special then a private memory before the biggest day of your life!


Do you have a ton of guests traveling from out of town?

Again, if you are saying a big ole’ “yes”, let’s talk first looks! Most ceremonies don’t start until the late afternoon or evening. Which means you typically don’t get to see anyone but your wedding party until about 7:30PM! That’s like 80% of your day! With a first look you can knock out so many photos before hand and get to your friends and family even sooner! We are talking about family formals, wedding party photos, even pictures of you and your partner can all be done before the ceremony even starts!


Do you want to plant a big kiss on your partner the moment you see them?!

I hope you are all saying “yes!”, because that’s the natural reaction! But without a first look, the downside is not being able to kiss until the minister says to, and then after the ceremony is a whirlwind of to-do’s. With a first look you are able to give your partner a twirl, land a kiss, snuggle, hug, and talk about how amazing they look. This is a moment that not many people think about, but is important to consider!


Lastly, if you are worried about missing out on photos as you come down the aisle, and your partner’s reaction, you will NOT! Think about it, you will have extraordinary first look photos, and then when the time comes to get married, you aren’t any less excited. You are filled with total joy, maybe even a little less nervous, and I promise, you won’t stop smiling from ear to ear. Which means, your photos are going to be gorgeous, joyful, and timeless! Check out some of our favorite first look photos below, and more of my weddings here in Hawaii!


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