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Personal Blog Post | My One Year Elopement Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my Handsome Husband!

Not only was our courtship a whirlwind but so was our wedding. We decided to have a civil ceremony at San Francisco City Hall on the only day Adam could take off before the New Year, December 29th! We woke up at 2am on the morning of the 28th, picked up my bouquet, dropped the dog off at the puppy-sitter and off we drove up the coast of California to San Francisco.

Oahu Elopement Photographer

We checked into our hotel just in time to change and head to San Francisco City Hall for our marriage license appointment at 3:30pm. It was the first time Adam and our family saw City Hall… it’s so beautiful! After we got all the paperwork out of the way, we had a little “rehearsal dinner” with everyone who came into town to celebrate with us.

Oahu Elopement Photographer

The next morning we woke up together at 5am and said goodbye for a few hours. I did my own makeup alone in the hotel room and listened to some music. My girlfriend Lexy came over to do my hair and Sara and Jessica showed up to start pictures. Andrea zipped me up in my dress and off we went to see my groom and get this day rolling!

Intimate Wedding Oahu

We decided on a 9am ceremony because we wanted City Hall empty for photos. We came right when they opened at 8am and had the place to ourselves. It is such a romantic and breathtaking building. By noon it was swarming with people (think Disneyland on a Saturday) and I am so happy we sucked it up and got an early start.

Intimate Wedding Oahu

Before the official ceremony Adam and I went to the Mayor’s Balcony by ourselves and said vows privately to one another. This was an idea I got from another bride who was married there… genius! Adam will never admit it but he is a softy and a very romantic guy, so his vows were top notch. I’m a little too introverted to say vows in front of a lot of people so this little moment was solid gold for us.

Intimate Wedding HawaiiWe had our ceremony on the steps leading up to the rotunda. It was a short 5 minute civil ceremony and then boom, WE MARRIED! It’s a little shocking how easy it is to get married, by the way…Intimate Wedding Hawaii

One of my strongest memories of the day was when I hugged my friend Morgan. She was the first person I saw when we turned around, smiling with her arms outstretched to me. I love that memory so much.

Intimate Wedding Hawaii

Hugging. Family Pictures. Friend Pictures. Our Pictures. More Pictures. Picture. Pictures. Pictures.

Intimate Wedding Hawaii

We busted out of City Hall and headed to a little brunch place where I ordered Nutella Crepes and a side of Millionaire’s Bacon. My brand new husband said to me, “I’m so happy you’re eating whatever you want again.” It was then I knew for certain that I married the best guy in the world.

Later in the day we all met up at Pier 33 for a boat ride around the bay. I’m also so happy we did this. Everyone was pretty tired from the long couple days of traveling, everyone meeting for the first time, the early wake wedding day wakeup call… but I can’t tell you how awesome it was to be on that boat with nothing to do but be together and enjoy the view. (And take more photos, duh)

Intimate Wedding Hawaii

When it got dark we headed downstairs and our two closest friends made little toasts to us. It was so special. Standing there with our favorite people and cheers-ing with plastic cups truly was everything I wanted.

With our wedding in the middle of the holidays there was a part of me prepared to be okay with it being just Adam and I. But practically everyone we asked to be there had their own version of the same response, “We wouldn’t miss it for the world.” And that right there is what made our wedding weekend so damn special.

Intimate Wedding Hawaii

After the boat we split into a couple of groups for dinner and met back at one of the hotels for more drinks. A group of us ended up hanging out in one of the hotel rooms and my Dad stopped by to tell us he saw Snoop Dog outside. No joke!

We laughed so hard in that hotel room together. Another favorite memory! After Adam and I left, the group got kicked out of the room for being too loud and some people stayed out partying until 3am. Well done!

It was all in all, a very successful wedding day. We got married, people ate, drank, connected and laughed. I got the intimate elopement experience I always wanted, epic photos, and a wedding video that still makes me cry.

Was it a perfect day? Nope. But it was our day and we loved it.

Photos by: France Photographers, San Diego

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